Thursday, April 06, 2006

Zombie Orgasms, or a Speech by Lenin

Lenin / Orgasm

My anorexic physiotherapist with the Chin*se eye chart has started making noises. Neither grunts nor small shrieks of shocked surprise, they are nonetheless reminiscent of the auditory component of a sexual act, not necessarily between consenting human beings. Neither, either, pre-orgasmic nor post-orgasmic (clearly I would better have written "pre- nor post-orgasmic" but one does so want to be picked up by the search engines) I at first believed them to be somehow linked to her particular therapy on my finger, but later noticed that she made them even as she entered into her computer the details of my next, eagerly-awaited appointment here in the very heart of Berlin's red light and physiotherapy district.

I have obtained certain... results from the person who does the before and after studies and felt like imposing them on you.



Scan 17

3-D gamma emission study RH

The sound trace at the beginning of this piece is of a real orgasm, or a speech by V.I.Lenin which I have on a vinyl 33 rpm record, and which I often play using a toy VW Microbus with a built in stylus, amplifier and small speaker. A pleasing echo effect can be obtained by using two buses at once, though obviously the states of their batteries have to match or one will catch up with the other.

The reader is left to determine whether the sound trace is really of sex, or rather of the Reji Lenina. I promise you it is one or the other. A kind American friend, many years ago, secreted a portable cassette recorder in her handbag, placed beside the bed in a motel in California and later sent the resulting audio cassette to me for, of course, artistic use. The man she described, inter alia, as being much like a Zombie, in certain non-physical respects. The Lenin records I found in Poznan, Poland. The record-playing buses are Japanese.

P.s. one should buy as many books as possible by the truly excellent American author Gilbert Sorrentino. Trust me.

And if you have been, thanks for looking...

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