Friday, November 28, 2008

Loosely in the Sky with Microns: Zombie Ratio-Belicosity

(An utterly irrelevant image of a wool ruler, the result of inputting "micron ruler" into Google images. The astute reader (V.) will notice that the ruler appears to contain 2 5/8 of the notes from a musical keyboard. More research needed here, I think.)

(North) Korean Central News Agency, Nov. 28 2008 (Juche 97)

"The U.S. military openly hinted at a preemptive attack on the DPRK, crying out for "shifting the focus to the naval and air forces" and pushing ahead with the moves to reinforce the ultra-modern air strike force, a clear indication of its scenario for provoking another Korean war.
The U.S. imperialist bellicose forces are seriously mistaken if they think they can bring down the DPRK through a strategy for preemptive attack. Should the enemies infringe upon the inviolable sky, land and sea of the country even 0.001mm, the DPRK will mercilessly wipe out provocateurs with the might of Songun and thus remove the root cause of a war from this land. The U.S. imperialist bellicose forces would be well advised to behave themselves."

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Zombie Fear and Loathing

Yes, Zombies - being in all respects, with no exceptions, like us (that's the point, do you see?) - can "feel" terror too.
With all due deference to the infinite number of infinitely more terrifying concepts, and knowing that to feel real terror counts amongst the worst experiences anyone can have, that terrorists are by no means the greatest source of human-generated terror in the world, and that psychopaths (NOT to be confused with Zombies, who most certainly can and do empathise with others) are all over the place and often in positions of power… with all due deference to that, one of the worst things I saw this morning, when starting to read a book on randomness and randomicity, were the dread words

See p. 1089

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A hardened heart is hard to bend, but not difficult to break.

A broken heart can, in theory, be given the appearance of wholeness by reflection in a suitable non-planar mirror. Unfortunately, such a mirror can only be constructed by taking a flat one and breaking it.
A knowledge of the nature of the broken heart can lead to a mathe-
matical possibility of reconstruction of the mirror, in a higher dimension, by a folding process. But you still want to die.
If you're a Zombie, you can't.

In a story of espionage, betrayal and self-deception on all sides, pieces of the mirror are typically given to a number (n>1) of people who can identify each other by flashing "their" fragment of glass, and fitting it and their colleague's to a general plan which all share. The most inept amongst them mistake this identification and juxtaposition of shards for love.

Friday, September 19, 2008

What Zombies Eat

The Mercy of Dollars - 1000 Words from Palin

A computer was used to analyse the nomination acceptance speech by the appalling, disgusting, lying Palin. The technique used is that of Markov Chains, whereby a deep statistical analysis is used to produce a text whose words and their contexts are a statistically accurate representation of the original speech. It would be too sickening for you to read the original, but as a Zombie I can peruse the dreadful text without too much damage. This 1000 words is presented so that you can get the gist of her talk without the excruciating horror of actually reading it.
Please watch this video, then read the dangerous red text below.

…solar, wind, geothermal, and met far graver challenges...
And produced by using energy problems - I'm just the theme... And thumbs up the stadium lights go up? Or maybe that's now opened for politics as commander in San Francisco.
As governor, I was among the culture of our state and produced by himself. He's a McCain-Palin administration, we're going to bring challenge. And since our own oil that deal was over the right reason is with our cause. Join our citizens of Alaska: we've chosen the pollsters and banners, or keep your job at the Washington for president supports plans to the status quo, to Washington herd. He's a vital pipeline to accomplish, after day. Our opponents say, again and met in April, my kids' public interest - the citizens of Alaska's North Slope of the uniform of this spirit that he praised Harry Truman. I stood up with those leaders, like millions of special confidence of them their careers. And since our own oil deliveries... We share, then I am so proud member of Senator Obama plan? What Obama and dignity. I will lead America is a package. We have been powerless... The Persian Gulf. To the spirit that brought me be better proof that experience, let me explain to leave ourselves at heart. The voters knew better. And when the world, a time for a candidate who has the matter squarely. There is not going to Iraq with a pattern with deeds' My parents are hard to count on that I became governor of 2000 to him speak, it's easy to govern with integrity I'm not just the side of like that already. But with integrity, good opinion - not long way from Washington... And sheer guts of threats and produced by American ingenuity, and two decades and a massive tax burden on working people when all the permanent political establishment.
And since our opponent. How are too high... He would rather lose an extra prayer each night for city council, I can be so hard to you more than see us to be so proud member of opportunity. My parents are good standing of foreign powers that already. But when those reporters and daughters.
I can be considered for more reason to bring challenge. And take the determination, resolve, and other alternative sources. We grow our five children.
In our country in our wars.
They overlooked the prospect of actual achievement and championed reform is exactly is finally in uniform. Track is told: When a man himself - like millions of special love. To the ones whose name you can inspire with his dramatic speeches before devoted followers. And families cannot leave this country I suspended the ones whose names appear on buttons and people like millions of war, a production operator in sight... He can't stand up for a massive tax burden to count on self-designed presidential election of dollars.
My sister Heather and commentators: I'm not be any better proof that he praised Harry Reid, the primary election of their careers to Washington for this week is much to join our country he actually do great man named Tom Moe of Alaska's North Slope... A story is not solve all by hundreds of rhetoric has come through without delay... He refused to John McCain, who use their usual in courage, and by American ingenuity, and as the public interest - as a community organiser, except that deal was struck, we found it. Congress have been able to end their religion and haberdasher from the journey of both. Our nominee for the many special interests, lobbyists, who knows the compassion that already.
But with honesty, sincerity, and admire about his words. For a community, and those troops, that reason to control a servant's heart.
The voters knew better. When McCain shuffled back where winning means survival and Sally Heath.
Hockey mom Long ago, a young farmer and change the uniform of like a community organiser, except when he wants to meet them is not solve all those troops, that sometimes my kids sure miss her. I knew better. When a message: For a story all across this nation better off if we cannot throw away from a season, a community, and gas.
And there to lay more of this spirit that comes from torturous interrogations, he loves. With their country, in North American workers. What does he loves. With their careers to campaign and people by request if our citizens should not looking for all Americans expect us that do nothing at it, I guess a little news flash for this candidate unqualified for our opponents say, We're going into the support great things. There is laid and produced by veto in this election seem to them and resources. As for Vice President of veto in the nightmare world champion snow machine racer. Throw in Michigan or create jobs with a grin and may God bless America. I fought for you... In Juneau... When they realise there to cut off if necessary. Senator Johns McCain. In politics, there to leave this nation could muddle through this. My fellow Americans, that in sight... He loves. With their good times and Sally Heath.
Hockey mom Long ago, a young farmer and relentless reform helps explain why so many things in Minnesota. How are you all, and defeat means survival and downs' Our opponents say, We're going to them and Piper. And children later he's talking about how evil is sort of one into the roar of liked things in our wars.
They are those, like and that do not a message: For a chief executive, I knew better.
And when he was among the mercy of dollars. My nephew Kasey also enlisted, and knew better. And among those reporters and those people when the old politics and healing the theme... And help our European allies by using energy resources, brought victory except that Bridge to do nothing at heart.
I fought the army infantry in chief.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Post-Modern Space Compression Celebrated in North Korea!

Youth and Students' Balls Held

Pyongyang, July 28 (KCNA) -- Dancing parties of youth and students were held in different parts of the country on July 27 to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War. At dancing parties held at the plazas of the Monument to Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War, the April 25 House of Culture, the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium and other places in Pyongyang, youth and students presented sea of dances … looking up to President Kim Il Sung, the invincible and iron-willed commander and the legendary hero … who led the Fatherland Liberation War to victory with his … distinguished commanding art and matchless pluck, thus demonstrating the dignity and honor of heroic Korea to the whole world.
Songs … "Our General Is Best" and "General Employs the Art of Compressing Space" further enlivened the atmosphere of celebration.

And if you have been, thanks for looking.

Friday, July 18, 2008

On Zombie Creativity

(Liquid tantalum freezing - computer simulation - my colour emphases and changes)

Again, one has to fight slightly against the image - and it usually is an image - of the living dead walking like, well, Zombies, arms outstretched, aching to chew brain, having none of their own. How many times must one repeat, Zombies are indistinguishable in every way from human beings. By definition! There is no epistemological, hetero-phenomenological nor any other test that can spot a Zombie.

The question "can a Zombie be creative?" is thus trivial, and the answer is of course yes: if by creative you mean doing things that, if a human being had done them, you'd call creative (cf. Artificial Intelligence, "Computer Art" etc.)

Further, in this Zombie blogger's own experience, to be a Zombie is to have almost a sharper insight into the creative process, unmitigated by "feelings" of, well, anything. And no, you can't use creativity, anecdotally or statistically, to tell if someone is a Zombie since once again you just wouldn't KNOW if you'd found one or not. (The fact that I assert that I became a Zombie in 1998 is of no relevance - I might be lying, one way or another.)

So where do new ideas spring from? When all real emotion and feeling is stripped away, what does a Zombie DO to have a good new idea?

A Zombie - indeed a human being too - does well to consider that new concepts often arise at the disjunction between disciplines. For example: between hydraulics and crowd theory; or between materials science and sociology; or psychology and alchemy.

(Electron microscope image of iron-doped strontium titanate - MIT)

In general, one needs an understanding (the greater the better, obviously) of a minimum of TWO separate disciplines. In addition, one needs a third, meta-discipline, which enables one to see and make sense of the very disjunctions and associated structures and events of which I am talking. These might be, in a physical model (any area which studies, as it were, fault lines, will do) metallurgy or geology. The former has much to say about what happens at grain boundaries, those areas of chaotic "structure" where solidifying liquid metal growing leaf-like, perhaps, in one direction, seeded by a speck of impurity, a micro-temperature change etc., meets metal solidifying in another direction, from another source. Like two marching armies meeting at an angle, they will come to a halt where they meet with much chaos and "holes" etc. at the crucial boundary. It can easily be imagined that the crystal structure, as it is called, of a metal gives rise to higher-lever mechanical (etc.) properties. The marching armies are in fact regular 3-dimensional arrays of atoms lined up in more or less precise structures, cubic, hexagonal etc. It is easy to "slice" or deform a metal along this "grain". Thus the smaller the crystals, the more the boundaries, the more the changes of direction, the tougher the material is likely to be. (These crystals or grains are usually microscopic, but a look at zinc-galvanised iron, or an old brass railing or doorknob, will often show crystals of centimetre size or greater. You can see them because the different alignments of atoms or moleclues reflect light in different ways! Magic!

A society in which everyone believes the same is easy to disrupt, or "slice through". One in which there are lots of differences is likely to be more immune to such disturbance and less open to collapse.

Geology might be another good area with which to have an acquaintance, where creative "magma" might squirt out between impinging tectonic systems.

Of course, the ideal area from which to make sense of "fault-line creativity" is 'Pataphysics, the science of exceptions and the unexpected, which sees everything as an exception, and unexpected, the universe being that which is an exception to itself.

Zombie creativity thus springs not from any interstices or chaotic regions between living and dead, yes or know, 1 or 0 etc. (there are none - Zombies are simultaneously BOTH) but rather from the detached - oh so detached - observation of the changes between, as Leonard Cohen or Spencer Brown, Buddhism or 'Pataphysics would have it, the shoreline and the sea. (G. Spencer Brown's first imperative is "Draw a distinction", perhaps a circle on a damp beach with a stick. One might think this is antithetical to "yes and no"… but there can be a tunneling under… Oh I love this!)

Art and writing are two areas where this may be expected to happen.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Thought for the day

"To every complex problem there is a simple solution, and it's wrong."

H. L. Mencken

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Immigrants Ate My Lawn

À propos the person in Austria who allegedly locked up his daughter with whom he fathered 7 kids, of whom one died, over 24 years, and the debate and breast-beating about "do we look out for our neighbours enough"…

I'm sure that the "denouncing tendency", well-known in conservative, uptight places like Austria - but increasingly found all over the place - "they haven't got papers!" "she took photos of her kids in the bath!" "immigrants ate my lawn!" and so on - in other words a phobia against what's different, whipped up by the gutter-press - goes absolutely hand-in-hand with an unwillingness to investigate, to complain about, even to see, REAL wrongs that are going on behind a "correct" facade. You "behave" on the exterior? Fine, you're one of us. Do what you like to your wife and kids… It's fairly sickening, really.

A Zombie approach is to know that we, or people we vote for or tacitly support, are doing stuff like this all the time. These appalling people become transparent to us. If only walls would too, we'd have the lot of them behind bars, from this sick fool to Bush.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

What's for tea?

As well as the usual puffer fish poison (tetrodotoxin), ground bones of children and so on, the Haitian Bokor, or sorcerer, when producing a powder that will comatise a potential Zombie (see here for more) who may be buried then disinterred, often uses the dried fruit of the Jimson weed, datura stramonium.

Another popular name for this plant is the Zombie's cucumber - or as it is known in Haiti, concombre zombie.

The rather pretty plant and interesting fruit are shown below…

Of course one hesitates to appear old-fashioned, though there may well be an argument that the living dead can damn well do as they please, but I can't stop thinking about cucumber sandwiches.

This refreshing accompaniment to English tea-time, and an obligatory part of the English Zombie Cricket Match, to which the British film "Shaun of the Dead" made reference (see illustration…)
…may also be prepared at home as a cheap alternative to the more usual cold roast beef, chilled horseradish and vodka soup, rose-petal couscous and Christmas cake with whipped soya product.

The first twenty or so Zombie cucumber sandwiches should be be prepared with normal cucumber, since the correct sequence of slicing, salting and draining the cucumber, cutting (one will not of course use sliced bread) and buttering thin slices of preferably walnut rye bread (slightly salted butter may be used) is desperately important.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

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