Monday, May 28, 2012

Zombie psychopathic ex-prime ministers

"Mr Blair began work in January 2008 as a £2million-a-yearn (sic) adviser to JP Morgan." (Daily Telegraph September 18 2011).
"Mr Blair said on the record that there was no truth in the allegation, made by the protester, that he was "paid off" by the US banking giant JP Morgan for the Iraq War." BBC, May 28 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pata Rap (Revenge Song)

'Joan was quizzical
studied pataphysical
science in the home'
Yeah it’s the Beatles, John Lennon,
who never wrote a lemon,
But if you think I owe him
just wait till I start doin’ Leonard Cohen:

Ch: Suzanne takes you down - suzanne takes you down - suzanne takes you down - suzanne takes you down…

--synth and violin break--

But I’m a philosopher, yes I am
I turn to thought when you thought I don't give a damn;
Physics an’ metaphysics, pataphysics too,
it’s all good stuff and you know what you can do
if you think I’m wrong, get on your fuckin’ bike, get goin’,
you ain’t no Sister of Mercy but I’m Leonard Cohen:

Ch: Suzanne takes you down - suzanne takes you down - suzanne takes you down - suzanne takes you down…

--synth and tampura break--

I ain’t steampunk I’m patapunk
how long will it take till you sunk it in
longer than she took to spit it out again?

(((Self-censored, too rude)))

Sunday, May 20, 2012

For the sake of the blind

Zombie-Pataphysical Limerick Fun

There is an indefensibly naff limerick that nonetheless holds a certain fascination for the well-tempered Zombie, due to its use of the phrase "for the sake of the blind", which I can't get out of my head, perhaps merely owing to its unexpectedness (you will recall that Pataphysics urges us to expect the unexpected; thus the unexpected is expected, but the expected is quite unexpected…)

Here is (a version of) the verse:

On the breasts of a whore from Sale
was written the price of her tail;
and on her behind
 - for the sake of the blind -
was written the same thing in Braille.

So far so ordinaire, but my researchers have discovered that a slightly politer version has been set to music by what I now know to be the celebrated Canadian composer Harry Somers.

Limericks (3), for mezzo-soprano, chorus & chamber ensemble (1980) consists of three sections:

1 The Barmaid from Crale
2 Danse Macabre
3 Adam

His speciality was to deconstruct and reorganise phonemes from texts, as well as treating them in an almost 'pure' way.

I mention all this merely to whet your appetite.
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