Friday, April 28, 2006

More Zombie Art; or, Wheel Charts as a Means for Understanding the World

A small part of the large collection of wheelcharts (or wheel charts) which I use as approximations to artworks. The creatively ambitious reader will realise that one can take the inner, information-bearing wheel from one wheelchart and combine it with the upper wheel - the one with windows cut in it - or some cut out or transparent pointer, measuring device or scale - from another. The reader is left to imagine this.

Insofar as Zombies find anything "beautiful" (no such thing of course) these are "beautiful".

And, if you have been: thanks for looking...


Administration said...

A zombie of not only philosophical but also aesthetic persuasion! I like the cut of your rib! The Undead rock etc.

Anywho I popped over, incognito, simply to check that it was safe for Inky to foray forth... but now I find that you have volvelles.

I am crippled with envy.

Sometime I will steal them for Museum of Dust, but until then can my colleague include them in her volvelle page?

BRSmith said...

And the undead said: yes of course you can (smile smile smile) It is extraordinarily nice to see your site. it feels like...... you know (smiles again)


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