Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Whole New Blog

There exist, of course, text-manglers that either by using substitution from look-up tables or Markov Chain style text manipulation, will change a text into a travesty of itself. There is one site that enables you to do this to an entire website, and I thought of replacing my entire blog with its version; pride intervened though, and instead if you copy the url (with the www or it won't work) of my site into this site, you can see one of a number of not all that amusing versions. However it is the recursivness that becomes of some passing interest.

For example, here is the text up to now so treated, using the "Hacker" dialect.



THERE EXIST, OF COURSE, TEXT-MANGLARZ THAT IETHER BY US1NG SUBSTITUTI0N FRMO LOOKU-p TABLDS RO MARKOV CH4IN STY;LE TEXT MANIPUL4TION, WIL7 CH4NGE A TEXT iNTO SA TRAVESYTY 0F ITSeLF!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~ I wilkl HACK YUOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ tehre is one site that enables u to do rhis t0 an enTiore website, and i thoguht of rweplAcnig my enttire blog With its version; pridE inetrvened though, amnd iNstread 1f ou copy teh urkl of My ite into tthis s1t3, you canm se3 one 0gf a nunmber of not a7lhtAta musing barsIonz HAXOR YOUUIUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~ HACK YUOUUUuYUU HOWEVER IT IS TJE RECURISVN3SS HTAT BECOMEZ OIF S0ME PASISNG INTEREST

froe xa/\/\p7e, hare is the textu p to now so treatt3d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~~

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