Friday, January 17, 2014

Zombie model buildings

Regular readers will know that it is found or randomly "chosen" things that are the main interest of the zombie-oriented. A fascination with Object-Oriented-Ontology, where it is thingness that counts as much as or more than what the thing is. It is also salutary to consider people, processes, whatever, as "things", just in this sense. It's not a psycho- or socio-pathological objectification, but rather a different way of looking at any "thing" in the universe, including of course the universe itself. We are all things, in some sense, so let's not get too bloody pompous and arrogant about ourselves.

In the process of making artworks and installations using détournements or abusive misuse of model railways, I came across the possibility to download for free or for little money, kits of buildings that can be printed (2-D) cut out and assembled (they come from and the one shown here is free to download). I have little or no intention of doing any of the fiddly stuff, but just appreciate the designs for what they are, a kind of greeting card sent from another epoch of industrial archeology. No one wants modern buildings associated with model trains, just stuff from about 1920 to 1970. Wonderful.

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