Saturday, September 21, 2013

Zombie presidents and Zen applause

In Belarus, a one-armed man has been arrested, tried, and convicted of clapping the president ironically. The police, who in Belarus as everywhere else always tell the truth, saw him—or heard him?—doing it.

Belarus's fuck-pig "President" Lukashenka (official portrait)
who gives even Zombies a bad name.

Svetlana Kalinkina, editor of the independent Minsk newspaper Narodnaya Volya, said that there had been similar cases before, including one where a deaf and mute person was accused of shouting antigovernmental slogans.

Actually this reminds me of a less disgusting episode years ago in, I think, Brighton (UK) where radical deaf people were demonstrating, and police had to call on the services of a sign-language interpreter before they could be certain of the abuse being directed at themselves.

Stop press 21.09.2013 from the official presidential website: The President sent his best greetings to the "State Puppet Theatre", thought to refer to the justice system.

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