Thursday, September 25, 2008

A hardened heart is hard to bend, but not difficult to break.

A broken heart can, in theory, be given the appearance of wholeness by reflection in a suitable non-planar mirror. Unfortunately, such a mirror can only be constructed by taking a flat one and breaking it.
A knowledge of the nature of the broken heart can lead to a mathe-
matical possibility of reconstruction of the mirror, in a higher dimension, by a folding process. But you still want to die.
If you're a Zombie, you can't.

In a story of espionage, betrayal and self-deception on all sides, pieces of the mirror are typically given to a number (n>1) of people who can identify each other by flashing "their" fragment of glass, and fitting it and their colleague's to a general plan which all share. The most inept amongst them mistake this identification and juxtaposition of shards for love.

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