Thursday, September 14, 2006

Zombie Flower & Rabbit Time (yet more North Korea, sorry...)

Here's an actual picture of Kimilsungia.

Interestingly, the North Korean website celebrating it talks of its development by florists. This must be the first occasion for such research, akin to booksellers writing books (and why not?) or TV repair-persons making programmes. A very Zombie activity.
A search for "Zombie" and "Kim Il Sung" yields 9421 hits on Google, including this page. But the word Zombie is clearly mostly used as an epithet, as a search for "Bush" and "Zombie" shows, yielding nearly 7.5 million mainly interesting pages.
My forthcoming novel shall rectify this, concatenating true Zombie material with Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and indeed Kim Basinger.

PS - a headline from North Korea today: Pyongyang, September 13 (KCNA)

Breeding of Rabbits Encouraged

Er... I thought that was the one animal one didn't have to... Oh, never mind. Here's a picture of a rabbit, and a link to a site where you too can make a Zombie rabbit float in thin.... I'm going home.

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