Monday, June 12, 2006

Enough to make a Zombie blush

Three internees in Guantanamo, the illegal American prison camp, kill themselves. There have been many suicide attempts, many of the inmates are on psychiatric medication. In other words, as if we needed to be told, they are being literally driven mad.

The American official response is that these suicides were "an act of warfare". "They don't care about human life, others' or their own..."

It is clear (and has been admitted in some cases, and is suspected in many others) that at least one of the suicides was INNOCENT. Officially. He was going to be released in a few days. They'd got nothing on him. Nothing at all. Never had. He was 17 when arrested. Having been there years. He did not know he was to be freed, the Americans not having seen fit to tell him.

I would rather have NO feelings, as a Zombie, than the "feelings" of those officials involved. Imagine them sitting round a table, with their Cokes or coffees. Got a problem here. Won't look good... I know, we'll say it was AN ACT OF ASYMMETRIC WARFARE! RIGHHHHTTTT! (giggles).

(Commander of Joint Task Force Guantánamo, Navy Rear Admiral Harry B. Harris: "an act of asymmetric warfare"; further described by US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy, Colleen Graffy as "a good PR move to draw attention")

There may come a time when moderate, good people, in and out of America, start using the word "Fascist" seriously to describe some actions, words and deeds, of this American administration. I don't think it is far away. How shameful. How terribly sad and frustrating for all those Americans who abhor and detest it as much as anyone else.

Please read this Amnesty International press release about it.

Thank you.

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