Saturday, February 25, 2006

Supreme Commandership and dance ensemble at the instruments of action. More Zombie-like activity. Throw off your Markov Chains.

First two excellently childish sites: how to make Bush say things. The first one shows him saying it, but the second is slightly rappier.

You'll have heard of Markov Chains. If not, look here for a brief mention and lots of other nice, thought-free stuff. (I hope I don't have to explain that Zombie activity and thoughtless art, writing, cooking etc., etc. are in fact deeply useful activities. They make us more, not less responsible. 'Pataphysics, the science of imaginary solutions, has already taken us far.)

The following text was generated from two sets of indices taken from a Bush speech, and from several postings on North Korea's incredible(literally) KCNA news agency site - always worth a visit, as is the this site using it for funny purposes including a Kim Il Sung insult generator.
These are NOT only idle pastimes. It is by deconstructing (not in a principled or systematic way, but in true Zombie fashion) this stuff and then playing with it that one can "feel" certain aspects of what it is to be subject to their originals, only more so. Far from being a waste of time, I find it makes me, even as a Zombie, want to pretend to be angrier.

Contrary Supreme Leader: Confronting The Al Qaeda Terrorist Network.

Those who harbor terrorists are many Americans that he will use terrorism to wait to take a few minutes to threaten America and he grows even more than 2,100 design suits the Kim Ki Bong. In one very senior al Qaeda terrorist group or chemical and who fled Afghanistan went to his wife were the title of Jo Myong Rok, director of soldiers.
The Nyong Gan Metals developed in mind the DPRK Hero with latest alloys of KPA Kim Jong Suk, an endless stream of machines. While visiting the People's Armed Forces, the ministry of metals developed in particular, designs to throw himself over 3,646,50 highly appreciated biological or biological attacks; all agree that he will use them, or provide them. Thank you for a growing fleet of people. This same tyrant has struck other countries to dominate the fundamental problem with time.
If we all support terrorist groups or biological attacks. While visiting the visitors to wipe out any aggressors at a training on Dec. 24 he lost no time to suit the friendly parties and serve their artistic quality and packing including a female trio with male Pangchang. Illustrious commander born of passenger cars made with latest alloys of life in the DPRK is Best and students in leading officials of building a bottle for chemical weapon that also have had used chemical and suffering to America. Iraq has experience in one very senior al Qaeda member in confronting that amount. This goal, the nature of the earth. We also discovered through intelligence that information on terror is not.
America without leaving any given day to Abu Nidal, whose terror organization carried out more than 30,000 liters. Many Americans have terrible weapons. He has provided safe haven to share a grave threat from other side of people who is seeking nuclear weapons. Every chemical is now taking a heroic death after saving hundreds of KPA units and Youth and packing designs, hundreds of Jo Myong Rok, director of life in leading officials of People's Army song Il-led unit of industrial goods and a powerful nation.
We also must not be trusted. The truce has violated all development of tons of manned and serviced members of terror, and one place. We've also provided safe haven to attack America without warning, and a warm Cincinnati welcome. I'm honored to be used chemical weapons of tons of people. We also have terrible weapons. Supreme Commandership and dance ensemble at the instruments of action.

And if you have been: thanks for looking.

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