Friday, February 24, 2006

Cardinal Ordinal - a Zombie Hobby

It is proposed: That worldwide, those with access to computing power adopt a Zombie hobby, along with its corollary of action in the real world, since Zombies are not without feelings. Well, they are, but they pretend to have them, and one of the most powerful reasons for adopting Zombie thought or to celebrate being one, if you are, is that mere mortals are all also pretending, on more or less deep or shallow levels. Zombies... Well, they don't "know" that they're pretending, it's different to that, but let's not get into construct analysis here.

So: using the Google search engine (to standardise things), let everyone who is interested enter a number into the search, such as 258. Leading and trailing spaces do not, alas, make any difference. Decimal points may of course be used but the full stop will also be ignored, such that " 3.1412 " is the same as "31412".

Since there are infinite real numbers, there are infinite searches to be undertaken.

Then, somewhere, someone, but not me, has the job of writing a piece of software to plot the number against its frequency. That's all. But it will be very interesting indeed. In fact, it is not just an empty task. There will be social, literary, mathematical of course and many other dimensions to the task. To cite just one instance here, the number 42 has 416 000 000 hits, whilst 41 and 43 have 333 000 000 and 392 000 000 respectively. Is this due to the Douglas Adams factor, or that 42 is not a prime number, whilst the other two are?

There are intellectual or emotional (ha!) rewards for diligent searching. Is there any number whose Google hit rate is the same as the number? There should be a point where the two numbers approach.

The Zombie priest Cardinal Ordinal tells me that she is ready to give a small prize to the finder of three such identities.

Now for the social conscience bit, as if we had any ha ha ha ha....

It is further proposed - indeed it is an (unenforceable) condition of use - : that for each hour or minute spent on this activity, users spend an equal or greater time on one of the two following tasks.

(a) That they take images dealing with social and political issues in C*ina (using the Google search engine - see my blog about this) and erasing all mentions of the word *hina, Chi*ese etc., or distorting them in graphical form, publish said images anywhere (blogs etc.) on the web. These politically charged images would then be far less susceptible to state or self-censorship of the Google kind, and given the use of words that Chi*nese people might,in western script, be using to search for images, they would stumble across the images, read the information contained therein and perhaps pass it on.

(b) More easily accomplished - or is it? - join Amnesty International, who help people on all sides of the political spectrum who are persecuted, tortured, imprisoned and so on. There is a link to them on all my pages. You can only join Amnesty in the country in which you reside, but from the site I cite here you can get to them easily.

Why should Zombies "care" about this? They don't really, but derive no small "satisfaction" from the fact that to do something "good" for no reason at all is far "better" than doing most other things. Why and how "better"? Because increasingly, those with too many beliefs and agendas are intent on persecuting the rest of us, Zombies or enlightened non-Zombies.

So, if you have been, thanks for looking, and please do the above.

ps - The spelling checker of Blogspot, owned I believe by Google, rejects both "blog" and "Google".

pps - Thought for the day... "My Lord has forbidden... wrong action, and unrightful tyranny, and associating anything with God for which He has sent down no authority, and saying things about God you do not know." (Qur'an, 7:33)

For Amnesty's bulletin about Yahoo's apparent complicity ("Apparent" - but they haven't sued Amnesty yet!) in releasing information about critics of government policy to the c*hinese "authorities", see here.

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