Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Our Lady of the Underpass

Clearly, the message is not getting through. A person who saw this site said it left her with "an unpleasant feeling". And there was I thinking it was, in a most humble way of course, ironic, funny, blog-art, and so on. They can't take the Zombies, you know, they really can't. The prissy, priggish and credulous are all around us - much more so than the reeking, living dead.
By the way, it is not very controversial science to suppose that we have, all of us, a sort of Zombie inside taking decisions before we do. It can be shown that certain actions are decided upon in the brain and messages sent to the appropriate muscles before we knew we were going to do whatever it was. Our conscious awareness only followed the initiation of the action. We think we decide to do things, but sometimes we're just rationalising what the inner Zombie already decided to do. Yes, free will, so-called, comes to, er, mind.

If I cut open a potato - or should it be an aubergine? - and see the face of the prophet staring out at me... How would I know it's him? And if it is, shouldn't I boil the potato rather than using it to stun the faithful? Actually the mystic image I like the best is that of the Virgin Mary in the Underpass Tunnel - it was a stain on the wall, but that didn't stop hundreds or thousands of credulous loonies from visiting it. And why do all these images of the Virgin look so curiously... Western? Is she trying to tell us something? And why an underpass? I mean, if it wasn't an accident, who decided this? What fertile brain-storming led to someone suddenly punching the air and saying "Yes! I've got it! An underpass!" A moment's silence, then the P.R. angels or whoever nod: "That's right; yup, that's it. An underpass."
Here too you see the Virgin in an American hospital window, visited by over 25 000 of the mentally and physically challenged, though if I squint, I'd swear it looks like a caricature of Lenin, there in the middle - how dare they? A fat "waaaa" be upon them.

And the Holy Toast, containing the image of, uhm, a Victorian era child, or possibly Nicole Kidman, peace be upon her, pious, yes, but not, you know, utterly convincing as divine.

Bleeding or tearful Virgins, the name of Allah in vegetables... Capitalism-as-religion of course manifests itself in meat.

People believe all this stuff. And you think Zombies are not real? Not only are they real, they are in a very moving way logical. And as I've said before, I should damn-well know, since I am one.

By the way, if anyone has actually been reading this - and yes, you in Keighley, Yorkshire, I saw you - thanks! - please note that I am constantly changing posts already written, I see tentative correction and improvement as an integral part of a blog, at least one like this.

And if you have been... thanks for looking.

STOP PRESS 26/02/2006

SEE live correspondence between loonies about apparitions, saints whose bodies don't decay etc.! TASTE the joy of seeing these people arguing with one another, and... one of them says he's GAY!!! The other's do NOT like this. Prepare to piss yourself laughing at this link...

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