Sunday, February 19, 2006

The most disgusting website in the world apart from some right-wing stuff

I'm sorry - I've been wondering whether to "share", as some say, (read: impose upon) this with you for some time. But... you know... they advertised on my blog, clearly recognising a kindred spirit, so why not?
I have not attempted to show you a picture here. Even if colon cleansing is your thing, you will need the neutral, just observing, un-emotional qualities (as if they had any!) of a Zombie to get through this. The images are just the start, it's the... imagining, really.
Be warned. Do not click on this link if you are at ALL sensitive or squeamish. If you think "Rate My Vomit" is unfortunate, Do NOT look here.

Can it be real? Does it really all come out in one long... like THAT?

And if you have been, thanks for looking.

ps - from another website with what they claim are the original photos:

"Other benefits that have been reported to us include deep emotional catharsis leading to an amazing clarity. One theory on this says that emotions can become trapped along with the intestinal debris and when they are released one may relive old emotional experiences leading to a great freedom of internal energy."


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