Friday, February 10, 2006

Random Zombie Art and *hinese Newspapers

These faces are the result of random use of an "Identikit"-style photo-fit program. As meaningful to a Zombie as anything else. Since we do not know (how could we?) what the Prophet looks like, and since miracles clearly occur, wouldn't he or his Mentor be interested in the tiny cosmic alterations necessary to produce his portrait as such an image?

The fact that Google in its great sensitivity has allowed *hinese "authorities" to censor its material makes me wonder if images, which cannot efficiently be scanned in any meaningful way for content, can still get through? Would it not behove us all (a) to find the most popular search-words used by *hinese people in Western script, and then (b) to replicate as many politically useful photos etc. as possible, and post them on websites with false descriptions and names, using the popular search-words? Then these would appear in a Google search for images as users searched for quite other things. There should be no reference whatever to *hina etc. in the actual text on the website, just loads of these pictures. The word "*hina" here, for example, is not text, and is distorted anyway.
Zombies, of course, are impervious to propaganda and its antitheses, gaining as much "pleasure" from scanning columns from *hinese newspapers used to produce the ferrule of those little cocktail umbrellas as you would from reading the Guardian.So, if you have been:

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