Sunday, January 29, 2006

Looking from the train

Ok, I know it's a bridge and a boat, but the train is arriving in the text.
Tomorrow, Monday, I'm off to Paris then to the centre of France for a week of teaching, though if I can I shall put something deeply French from there on here.
Which reminds me that from the RER train from the airport to the centre of Paris, I can see the hospital where I became an accidental Zombie. It has a windsock flying: you know, one of those tubular kite things that shows wind direction, so that helicopters can land on the roof: Parisian motorists rarely give way for an ambulance's flashing blue light, often saying "They're just late for their lunch", which used to make me laugh until I was in one.
Also (I know you're dying to know this) one passes the old Meccano factory - like Erector Set if you're American - where many of the pieces I possess were made. I have about 30 kilos in a huge wooden box. I'm not into making models of the Eiffel tower etc., but I sometimes make sort of abstract sculptures from Meccano - very Zombie activity.
Sorry this was so boring; it could have been worse, you could have been here while I TOLD you all the above.
But, if you have been, thanks for looking...

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