Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Here we go.

This blog will evolve towards a kind of research (or disaster) whose goal is a better understanding of a mixture of some or all of the following:
Art, Science, Psychology (especially the cognitive flavour), Zombie, Artificial Intelligence, Writing, Pataphysics, OuLiPo, OuPeinPo, Cooking, Food, Love and Technology.

The context of this research might be
characterised as funny, art-oriented, creative, sexy, emotionally satisfying, politically justifiable and very marginally world-changing. Let's not be modest here, there's not time.

I work, teach and try to be innovative in the above fields. Sometimes I'll put up bits of texts, images and so on, either from myself or people I find interesting and of whom you perhaps haven't heard before.

Here are some things, people and so on that I like:

Kindness, humour, creativity, Art & Language, Leonard Cohen, Georges Perec, sea-food, Thomas Pynchon, red wine, salted peanuts, France, Berlin, animals...

And some things I don't appreciate:

Opportunism, torture, hypocrisy, prissiness, the use of power to abuse those weaker than oneself, nationalism, Bush etc., stuff pretending to be art or literature and so on that is meretricious crap, fundamentalism, the British "newspaper" the Sun - well anything Murdoch really... You get the drift.

It is quite likely that you'll see typos and spelling mistakes, homophones and so on. I also note that the French cedilla accent beneath a C comes out as �, and even the Mac three dots, hereto approximated by three full stops... is transmogrified into É

Goodness knows what it does with other accented letters such as Ž, �, ‡, �, š and so on. Yes, I thought so. Sorry about that.

And in case you have been, thanks for looking.

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