Sunday, May 20, 2012

For the sake of the blind

Zombie-Pataphysical Limerick Fun

There is an indefensibly naff limerick that nonetheless holds a certain fascination for the well-tempered Zombie, due to its use of the phrase "for the sake of the blind", which I can't get out of my head, perhaps merely owing to its unexpectedness (you will recall that Pataphysics urges us to expect the unexpected; thus the unexpected is expected, but the expected is quite unexpected…)

Here is (a version of) the verse:

On the breasts of a whore from Sale
was written the price of her tail;
and on her behind
 - for the sake of the blind -
was written the same thing in Braille.

So far so ordinaire, but my researchers have discovered that a slightly politer version has been set to music by what I now know to be the celebrated Canadian composer Harry Somers.

Limericks (3), for mezzo-soprano, chorus & chamber ensemble (1980) consists of three sections:

1 The Barmaid from Crale
2 Danse Macabre
3 Adam

His speciality was to deconstruct and reorganise phonemes from texts, as well as treating them in an almost 'pure' way.

I mention all this merely to whet your appetite.

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