Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Immigrants Ate My Lawn

À propos the person in Austria who allegedly locked up his daughter with whom he fathered 7 kids, of whom one died, over 24 years, and the debate and breast-beating about "do we look out for our neighbours enough"…

I'm sure that the "denouncing tendency", well-known in conservative, uptight places like Austria - but increasingly found all over the place - "they haven't got papers!" "she took photos of her kids in the bath!" "immigrants ate my lawn!" and so on - in other words a phobia against what's different, whipped up by the gutter-press - goes absolutely hand-in-hand with an unwillingness to investigate, to complain about, even to see, REAL wrongs that are going on behind a "correct" facade. You "behave" on the exterior? Fine, you're one of us. Do what you like to your wife and kids… It's fairly sickening, really.

A Zombie approach is to know that we, or people we vote for or tacitly support, are doing stuff like this all the time. These appalling people become transparent to us. If only walls would too, we'd have the lot of them behind bars, from this sick fool to Bush.

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